Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Day Two started with a very chill morning and a classic Norwegian breakfast with Dutch food in Silje's flat (context : she is Norwegian), all about that multiculturalism. I was still recovering from my  4am start the day before and we didn't end up going to bed until 2am because when you haven't seen each other in 8 months, you have a lot to talk about. 
Anyway, when we were finally ready, we hopped on a train and headed to Leiden for the day.
We first went to Museum Volkenkunde which I wasn't very impressed with so haven't included in this blog post and wouldn't recommend. Also you had to pay which was annoying, that was the case for almost every museum we went to and some didn't even have student discounts which was even more annoying as in Paris, museums are normally free for under 26yrs or at least heavily discounted so I ended up spending a lot more money than I thought I would. But I had the best weekend so that doesn't really matter, but do bear it in mind if you are visiting.
After the Volkenkunde, I was given the student tour of Leiden. Silje showed me her university for the year and was v patient with me as I stopped every five minutes to take a picture of the cute winding streets and canals we walked past. 
Evidence below.

Leiden was possibly my favourite out of the three cities we visited ; The Hague, Leiden and Amsterdam. It was so peaceful to walk around and perfect for taking lots of pictures. Also, saw my first windmills which I was very excited about. 

The house where Rembrandt was born. Can you get more Dutch than that ?

Around 3pm, we stopped in a bar to meet our friend Kristy who was also on her year abroad in Leiden. It's so interesting to hear about other peoples year abroads when you're also doing one because their experiences are so different yet similar at the same time. Obviously we were all studying History of Art, but the type of art they were studying was completely different to what I was, their university experience was completely different to mine, their life outside of university was completely different to mine in Paris as the dutch and french culture are completely different.
It also made me feel a lot better about going back to study in York next year, knowing I would have those two who have the same reservations as I do. 
This trip made me realise how amazing year abroads really are and you should really do one if you have the chance.
We suddenly became very hungry so ordered some classic dutch croquettes. They were delicious but I was so hungry, I got too excited when they arrived, ate one straight away and burnt the whole of my mouth. So learn from my mistake, the Dutch serve their food piping hot so be careful. x 

Leiden by night was just as beautiful as Leiden by day. 
Can't wait to come back and explore more of this beautiful city. 

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