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Oh February, you were freezing but a lot of fun.
February started with a fresh set of new modules at the Sorbonne, meaning a long, overwhelming list of assessments, new professors to get used to and a lot of new vocab to understand.
However, it also signalled the opening of new exhibitions in Paris and consequently a lot more art to see, and a lot more money spent on museums and exhibitions. One way to get around though, is by attending the Vernissages (in english, opening nights) for those exhibitions. Yes, the majority of the time they are invite only for art world professionals, however occasionally there will be events advertised of Facebook, open to all the public where you can visit the exhibitions for free for one night only. We took advantage of this and attended the vernissage for the exhibition 'En Toute Chose' at the Palais de Tokyo.
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February was also the month when Donald Trump announced his awful policy of banning muslims entrance to the United States, rightly so resulting in worldwide disgust and outcry. It was a major event, I'm sure no one needs reminding of it. It also lead to a march in Paris against Donald Trump using the hashtag #noballnowall as a slogan. So, on a cold February Saturday afternoon, we grabbed our signs and headed to Trocadero to join in with the march alongside thousands and thousands of other Paris residents.

There was also another 21st Birthday celebration in February. So we all trekked up to Montmartre and spent the night drinking cocktails in a very bizarre but very cool bar. I mean there was bed, a bathtub, a swing bench, a table with an old sewing machine glued down and very old cinema chairs with pull out tables. You have to see it to believe it. Nevertheless, the perfect place for a birthday celebration, also had an amazing playlist.
we didn't manage to get a good pic. we tried though. 

The bday boy moments after being surprised not only a victoria sponge but also the classic colin the caterpillar cake. Thank god for Marks and Spencers in Paris. 
 modelling the bathtub and the old cinema seats.
My second exhibition of the month was the mind blowing Cy Twombly exhibition at the Centre Pompidou. It was incredibly beautiful, intellectual, inspiring, interesting, stunning - there are so many words I could use to describe how amazing it was. Don't worry, I won't list them all here, but please do check out my full blog post about the exhibition here : X : because it will be going on my list of favourite things I've been to / done in Paris. 

Again, full blog post here : X 

Another amazing thing that happened in February was that The XX stopped in Paris as part of the I See You tour. Again, going to make another bold statement and say it was probably one of my favourite concerts. I'd never seen them live before and honestly wasn't sure what to expect but it was incredible. Everytime I listen to their songs now I am transported back to that magical night and can't stop the goosebumps from erupting on my skin. 

Finally, I ended the month spending a long weekend in the Netherlands with my friend who is currently on her year abroad there. This post is already incredibly long so will include a few of my favourite pictures but keep your eyes out for a full exploring the Netherlands post.
I spent four days with Silje wandering round The Hague and the surrounding cities such as Leiden and Amsterdam, seeing as much art as possible (classic history of art students) and having a much needed catch up about both of our years abroad. One of the few perks of going back to study in York next year will be being able to see her much more often. It was an amazing weekend and I can't wait to travel back to those beautiful cities again.

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