Sunday, 23 April 2017


Cy Twombly.
Centre Pompidou. 
Centre Pompidou has really out done itself here. This was possibly one of my favourite exhibitions I have ever been to. I can't put into words how incredible it was. The vast exhibition space, which I wasn't expecting, was filled with his stunning canvases, beautifully and cleverly organised by the curators at Centre Pompidou, making the exhibition even more enjoyable. 
Explosions of paint and colour covered the majority of the canvases on display, whereas others felt much more sketchy and experimental. Bold colours and splashes of paint drastically contrasted against pale backgrounds increasing the drama of his pieces. Some felt incredibly aggressive with the use of vibrant reds, but at the same time quite calming due to the areas of noise and quiet.  I felt increasingly drawn to the paintings the more I stared at them. They are paintings with several dimensions, first of all there is the shock of seeing such large, vivid, abstract paintings hanging next to each other. Then, the amazement at how beautiful and emotive they are, the longer I would stand in front of a painting, the more I would notice; the subtle clues that Twombly left behind, displaying his craftsmanship, inserting himself into the scenes he created as well as leaving hints as to the true meaning, stories and inspiration behind his work. Finally,  the incredibly detailed descriptions dotted around the exhibition giving you an insight into his life and his work.
The paintings were displayed in chronological order covering his entire career therefore giving visitors a clear idea of his complete artistic journey. The exhibition also included sculptures, photographs and drawings by Twombly again giving us a very intimate insight into his life. This exhibition centred around the three main series of his work, Nine Discourses on Commodus, Fifty Days at Iliam and the Coronation of Sesostris, clearly Greek myths, specifically the Iliad, were a big inspiration for him which is not something I would expect when being presented with his work. However, there was no doubt that he had spent a lot of time planning out all his pieces and giving them incredibly intellectual meanings. 
Before this exhibition, I didn't know much at all about Cy Twombly. I knew his name and could recognise maybe two or three of his pieces but after this exhibition, I've added him to my list of favourite artists.
It was incredibly moving, interesting, beautiful ... there are so many words I could use to describe it, and I feel so privileged to be able to experience it. 

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