Friday, 5 August 2016

BEYONCÉ - Formation.

Beyoncé :: Formation World Tour :: Manchester Old Trafford Cricket Ground :: 5th July 2016.
Also know as the day my life was completed. 
I still can't believe I was actually there, experiencing Beyoncé. It was just incredible, but it always would be, it's Beyoncé. 
 I don't look excited on this pic, but trust me I was. 
I'm wearing Kylie Cosmetics Dead of Knight on my lips and Yasmin is wearing Reign (see my post about them here). Also we used NYX Face and Body Glitter in Gold and Copper bc everything is better with glitter. 
 Big thanks to Yasmin for dealing with me all day. 
 Okay, I look slightly more excited here, maybe it's the effect the black lipstick has on me. 
 She's an actual angel. 
 Is it really a concert if there's no confetti? 

 OKAY, so this was for Beyoncé's tribute to Prince which was stunningly beautiful. BUT just before this, she sang 1+1 and halfway through the song, two men got engaged right next to us and I have never been more emotional. It was so beautiful, everyone was crying and congratulating them because of course he said yes. It was one of the best moments of my life and I wasn't really involved, I was just watching. But it was incredible, and to make things even better, the ring fit. It was just perfect.
 My fave song. 
 I get goosebumps whenever I think about it. Even writing this now and thinking about it I've got shivers running up and down my spine.
 It's such a beautiful, moving, powerful song and then pairing it with this choreography, just wow.
 Not going to lie, I did cry when she performed this.
 Of course we had to buy some mercy before going home. As if we needed anything to help us remember this magical night.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoyed these photos. If you've been to see Beyoncé live, plz tell me all about it in the comments.
Niamh x

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